truTV Impractical Jokers Wheel of Doom

Rating: 4.3/5

Do you dare to spin the WHEEL OF DOOM?! 12 hilarious games of skill await you in this mobile game from truTV and the Impractical Jokers. Are you ready?

WHEEL OF DOOM brings you iconic show moments in the form of laugh out loud mini-games. Jump out of a plane and dodge sharks with Murr! Wreck a theatre stage with Joe! Cross a busy street with Q handcuffed to a mime! Find Sal hidden amongst a crowd, and SHARKS! Plus, a whole lot more!


Play 12 outrageous games based on challenges and punishments from the show
– Cry Diving
– Mimer
– Mermaid Shuffle
– Make the Vault
– Joe the Genie
– Total Tank Destruction
– TP Swish
– Steal Baseballs
– Scoopski Potatoes
– Hide and Seek
– Target Practice
– Murr-A-Thon

Earn coins to unlock four additional game modes
– Joker
– Staten Island
– Scoopski
– Alter Ego
Download it here

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