MasterCook 2020 for PC – 54% Off

Are you still using a recipe box full of tattered and stained index cards in your kitchen? Ever look for a favorite, only to find that it’s gone forever? Looking for the best way to manage recipes? Look no further than today’s discount software promotion, MasterCook 2020!

MasterCook 2020 is the ultimate recipe, cookbook, and kitchen manager, giving the ability to arrange recipes in customized cookbooks in files stored on your computer. With MasterCook 2020, you’ll not only be able to store and organize your own recipes, you’ll also benefit from free cookbooks available at! Want to know how much a recipe will cost to make? Or perform a nutritional analysis of your recipes or meal plans? Or convert the recipe to feed more or fewer people? It’s all right in front of your eyes when you use MasterCook 2020.

Featuring pantry management, shopping lists, and a host of meal planning tools, there’s no kitchen that can’t be made more efficient with MasterCook 2020. You can even import recipes from your favorite websites using its Import Assistant! Grab a copy of this amazing program today!

Works with or without a subscription that is sold separately.

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MasterCook 2020

$30.00 54% Off

Download it here

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