QILING Disk Master Professional + Lifetime Free Upgrades for PC – 65% Off

Have you been putting off implementing a solid backup and recovery solution because the powerful ones aren’t affordable, and the cheap ones aren’t effective? Today is the day you get to cross this off of your To Do List, with today’s discount software promotion, QILING Disk Master Professional!

QILING Disk Master Professional offers a powerful backup and recovery solution that’s half the price of leading competitors. With QILING Disk Master Professional, you’ll be able to back up all of your critical data, plus take advantage of features that also include RAMdisk, secure disk, and a partition manager, while enjoying support for Windows 10 going all the way back to XP.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your home office, or business class desktops and laptops, QILING Disk Master Professional is the perfect solution. The program allows users to perform self-service backups, with their choice of full, differential, or incremental backups. And with unattended backups, your files get saved even if the system is logged out or in sleep or hibernation modes.


The Fine Print

QILING Disk Master Professional + Lifetime Free Upgrades

$17.25 65% Off

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