Rating: 4.4/5

This is not a drill – mutated rabies virus is out of control and you need to stop this by any means necessary. Use a net of geostationary satellites to fight against global infection outbreak. Defend city gates and keep zombie hordes outside main communication hubs. Your task is really simple:

-take down infected airplanes just like nukeout does,
-nuke lost cities to prevent infected airplanes take off,
-defend city gates against mutated hordes by any means necessary,
-quarantine infected area to stop virus spread, that’s it!

The game was created with the Nukeout engine and provides a few hours of fun with both simulation of virus spread and arcade defence at the city gate. Please keep in mind this is not a serious simulation of infection outbreak, although it uses real GIS maps containing population data it is only a simplification of a mathematical model.

This game is created by one man – please be lenient with me and instead of negative ratings I will appreciate your constructive feedback, thanks.

Have a good fun!
Download it here

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