Xvirus Personal Firewall Pro 4.5.0

Xvirus Personal Firewall is designed as a simple application that enables the user to check all active connections and control which are granted access or not. Xvirus Personal Firewall is a straightforward application that relies on whitelisting and blacklisting for managing the connections.

Why choose Xvirus Personal Firewall?

  • Designed for everyone!
  • Xvirus Personal Firewall is simple enough for novice users and advanced enough for experienced users. You can just install and forget it or change the settings for a more customizable experience, either way you know you will be secure.

  • Manage the connections of your applications!
  • Thanks to Xvirus’ Network Monitor you can see all the details of the connections of your applications, like the protocol,IP and port,status and the process id.

  • Be the ruler!
  • Xvirus Personal Firewall allows you to control what programs run on your computer. With its simple rules list you can manage which program should be allowed to run or block.

    Download it here

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