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Please note folks: with today’s purchase, you get free upgrades to version 6.0 when it will be released as well as instant access to the ‘6.0 Beta test’. To get beta access, you just need to email drew // @t \\ freshsoftware // dot \\ com with your BDJ order number and ask for beta access.

Maybe you suspect nefarious goings-on with your network. Or maybe you’re just curious about how many active connections you have going on. Either way, you’re going to need an effective network monitor that’s easy to use and highly configurable. In other words, you’re going to need today’s discount software promotion, X-NetStat!

X-NetStat lets you view detailed information on all current Internet and network connections in realtime. With X-NetStat, you’ll be able to see the IP and hostname address, ports, applications, bandwidth usage, and status information of everything that’s going into and out of your network. In this way, it’s incredibly easy to find out if a specific application is hogging bandwidth, and identifying malware programs that are up to no good is a cinch.

Not only does X-NetStat serve as a network monitor, the program also lets you take action on what you’re seeing. A nifty and powerful Rules System lets you establish certain responses that are triggered by network conditions. A collection of Lookup Tools, such as TraceRoute, WHOIS, Finger, DNS, and more, let you take all necessary steps to discover the origin of unfamiliar traffic. And with an integrated Web Server, you’ll be able to peek in on X-NetStat from any remote location with a web connection!

Please note folks: the license purchased today ensures free upgrades up to version 6.99

Today’s promotion includes the following:

X-NetStat – 1 License v5.63 ($20.47)

X-NetStat – 2 Licenses v5.63 ($31.98)

X-NetStat – 3 Licenses v5.63 ($41.82)

X-NetStat – 4 Licenses v5.63 ($47.56)


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$20.47 59% Off

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