QR Kit Pro:Best Free app for Scan Solution

QR Kit Pro : Generate and scan the QR codes , bar-code , and document easily by QR Kit Pro. This is very simple iPhone and and iPad app with best accuracy.

QR Kit Pro is best bar-code and QR code Reader & Generator that create two-dimensional QR code using iPhone and iPad.The main purpose of this that scan and parse the contents of QR, bar-codes and Data Matrix Codes. It also generate QR Code.


-Create and scan bar-codes, QR codes
– Save the generated code in your apps and see next time if you need again.
– Scan documents and find out bar-codes or QR codes.
– Share the Qr code information by email as png format.
– Save the generated or scanning documents to database and find out easily from history.
– preview the history information .
– Searching facilities from database according to your history information.
– Share the documents via email.
– Searching option according to generated or scanning information
– After preview the previous history you can share again.

Download it here

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