Super Tank Battle R – Type X

Super Tank Battle has been released over 9 years. It is time to improve it.

We name this version is “R” means:

Redesign – some not user-friendly design is removed
Renew – some old things is removed
Reduce – game size is reduced
Random – playing map is random
Remaster – enhancement
Recall – recall your childhood memory

Classic Game Rule 101:
– Defence your base, and destroy all enemy tanks
– If your tank or your base is destroyed, it will be game over.
– 20 enemy tanks per map

– 500 Maps are fully unlocked

We hope this Super Tank Battle R can be one of the game always on you mobile phone.

“Super Tank Battle R” can recall your NES childhood Tank Battle memory.


Looking for Super Tank Battle Map Editor?
Tank Super Wars – NES 90’s Classic, Install it NOW!

Download it here

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