Weple Diary

Weple Diary for Iphone. Weple Diary helps you to realize your goal by managing your everyday efforts.
This new type of diary application helps you to make to-do-list of what has been vague and postponed into concrete goal and methods; and check and manage them every day.
With Weple Diary, please realize your goals such as study, diet, financial plan, and non-smoking steadily every day. Your dreams and goals will come true.

e.g. [10kg diet (weight loss)]
– go to swimming pool at 8 (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)
– skip dinner (every day)
-mountain climbing (Saturday)

* main functions
– creation of goal diary, and change of icon and color
– making everyday To-do-list and scoring (through *), making logs
– marking achievement (*) in the to-do list monthly, checking record on a selected date
– making specific plans for short, mid, and long-term goals
– providing statistical function depending on goal achievement and progress
– checking Today’ To-do list and overall achievement (*)
– providing area of the entire goal, and achievement statistics function
– codification and locking
– backup and restoration
– alarm of to-do list, badge

Download it here

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