Rating: 4.7/5

Pocket Intensive Care Assistant (PICA) is the medical software that contains all features that ICU doctor needs in his work. User can calculate the infusion rate of inotropic drugs, vasopressors and vasodilatators. PICA has an unusual and user-friendly interface. Just user of PICA able to change the infusion rate of medication (mL and mcg/kg/min simultaneously) by simply moving his finger in a circle. PICA is the one of the medical software that displays mechanisms of the actions on visual scale of receptors with indication of the power of action.
PICA allows user to assess renal and heart function, ABG and correct electrolyte disorders. It also allows you to manage infusion regimens of Elastomeric Infusion Systems while continious epidural anaesthesia.

In iOS version of PICA was hidden a function – calculation Vasoactive Drugs. You can activate the function. Visit PICA’s page on .

Download it here

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