Burn Fat With Vibrations

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Have you ever dreamed you could build your pecs or you abs by doing nothing but relaxing on your bed ?

A study made in 2017* by the University of Saint-Etienne (France) ,
and published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, has shown that vibrations – even the smallest ones – applied on a specific area of your body, stimulate the muscles of that area and increases their strength , which contributes in making them bigger , just like weightlifting would.
*To read the study go to the United States National Library of
Medicine website ‚Äč:

Based on that study, this app uses you phone vibrations to increase your muscles strength , make them bigger and limit fat intake where you make your phone vibrate.

Ideal when circumstances (injuries, tight schedule, …) prevent you from going to the gym .

This app does not replace , and is not as efficient as sport and good nutrition , which are the best ways to stay fit and healthy.

This app is ad free

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