Flip & Slide

Rating: 3.1/5

Flip & Slide is a Puzzle Game that requires some brain action to solve and Win each Level !

It’s Kind of a maze made with multiple different Objects called Slides.

The main goal of Flip & Slide is to create a Path throughout the Slides maze which leads to the Bottom Pit in order to Launch a Ball , get it to Slide on the Slides and Finally Land it into the Bottom Pit !

How To Play :

– Tap the Objects/Slides to Flip them in a certain Direction .

– Try to connect and Create a Path using the Slides which Leads to the Bottom Pit .

– Tap the Top Pit to Launch the Ball when Done Creating the path .

How many Levels ?

– Endless in Full Version ! (according to updates).

Accomplishments :

– Flip & Slide Puzzle Game Won the “Game Of The Day” Contest regarding Design on .
– Flip & Slide Puzzle Game Won the “Game Of The Day” Contest regarding Gameplay & User Interface on www.The
– Flip & Slide Puzzle Game Won the Best Game as ” Editor’s Choice ” on Mobango App Store.
– Flip & Slide Puzzle Game Won the Best Game as ” Puzzle Game of the Month ” on Mobango App Store.

We are working constantly to come up with new and exciting Levels to take Flip & Slide Lite – Roll the Ball in Infinity Loop Game to another level of Addiction and Fun !


– We have added the option to Full Mute Flip & slide.
– We have set the Objects to NOT RESET when put in the right angle even After Resetting ! (As requested from our valuable users ) .
-We have added a New Grade called SUMEER BREAK, it has one flip Levels to keep you entertained and engaged with some mind action !!
– We have adjusted the complexity of levels since alot of you guys are not intelligent enough to solve them ! Really, you are resenting challenge and difficulty ?! How can you grow then ?!!?

But we have still prepared some really really difficult levels for those “Puzzle” heads who are intelligent and like to be challenged to the max 😉 Enjoy, we got you buddy !

Download it here

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