scorio Music Notator

Rating: 2.8/5

Write down melodies, lead sheets with chords and lyrics, arrangements, and full blown scores with the brand new scorio Music Notator app. Follow your inspiration – on a bench in the park, in a bar, in the subway, wherever you have internet access.

Enjoy the comfortable and intuitive Music Notator App. Enter and edit music intuitively with the tips of your fingers. Short touches select notation elements, long touches let you insert new notes into melodies and chords. Edit notes by moving them with your fingers. Fast scrolling, zooming, page turning and orientation change give you quick and comfortable access to every little detail and a perfect overview. Edit lyrics, chords and modify the score structure with the dialog area on the right side of the app.

scorio Music Notator App works hand in hand with scorio notation portal on the web and requires an internet connection. When you write and save a score within the app you will also find it online in your scorio account. After saving, you can edit your compositions in any web browser, even outside the app on your PC or Mac. Yes, even on a friend’s laptop.

App features include:
– Insert and edit notes and other notation elements
– Virtual Keyboard for entering notes
– Insert and edit chord and fret symbols
– Display and edit lyrics
– Export scores as high quality PDF files
– Select from 19 score templates
– Edit score structure (add/delete staves)
– Transpose scores
– Automatic part extraction
– MIDI play back with 128 selectable MIDI instruments
– Load scores from the scorio database
– Publish your scores
– Continue to work on the scores in your account on PC, Mac and other tablet devices

Download it here

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