Famous Quotes Guessing Game PRO

Rating: 4.4/5

Play entertaining guessing game or browse through hundreds of best famous quotes of all time! Challenge other people from all around the world and try to make it into TOP20 highscores!

Do you like reading quotes from famous people and celebrities and do you like challenges? Our game Famous Quotes Guessing Game contains hundreds of best inspirational, motivational, funny, happiness, love and other quotes of all time. There are quotes from Einstein, Mother Teresa, Picasso, Shakespeare and a lot of other famous people and celebrities. You can choose if you want to play a challenging guessing game in which you can compare your points with points of other people or if you just want to browse through the hundreds of best quotes.

Our app has no ads and no In-App purchases.


* Challenge – a must for all the people that love puzzles and guessing games.
* Browse – browse through the hundreds of best quotes.


* Original puzzle guessing game for all ages
* 2 game modes – Challenge and Browse
* Hundreds of best famous quotes included
* Each game is different
* Global leaderboards – compare your points with points of other people
* Ad free + no In-App purchases

Thank you for choosing our app Famous Quotes Guessing Game!

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