Crazy Calculator – Calculator Game

Rating: 4/5

Crazy calculator is no ordinary calculator. This is a calculator game and it contains tons of exciting, brain teasing math puzzles. Along the way you will play with different buttons (Operators). These buttons will help you to manipulate numbers by adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, reversing, inverting, squaring, cubing, shifting, replacing and storing them to achieve different goals.

Offline Game
All levels are completely offline, no internet is required to play this game.

Calculator Manual
Use calculator manual as a reference and see carefully how to use each button.

If you are stuck at any level you can use hints and see the solution. Watch rewarded videos to get hints or buy from game store.

Working Solar Panel
You can change screen lights by tapping on solar panel.

Game Features
– 200+ levels.
– Seven different screen lights.
– LED display.
– Working Solar Panel.
– ON/OFF option for calculator.
– Hint system.
– Math puzzles of varying difficulty.
– Calculator manual.
– Game store for buying hints.
– Rewarded videos for getting free hints.
– No Interstitial and banner ads.
– Small game size.
– More puzzles will be added in the future updates.

Final Words
Download only If you are ready to turn this crazy calculator ON and face its crazy challenges. Have fun:)


Download it here

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