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Underground Station

The perks of the paid version!
1. 30 diamonds will be provided at the start
2. Banners, pop-up ads are deleted!

** Game Description**
An idle simulation game, Underground Station!

Dig into the secrets of the Underground Station and discover the dark secrets entwined with money!!
Is the world ruled by money?
Discover the secrets of money and aim big!

But before that… Make sure to survive…

Pay off your debt to escape from the Underground Station and win your freedom!
I wish you a safe escape.
I hope you survive…

@Game Description
Forget about the run-of-the-mill idle games!
The story-driven idle adventure game “Underground Station” tells the story of the moles, trapped in the Underground Station, and their escape from the mine.
Discover hidden elements such as secret items, equipment, and stories along the way!
Let’s escape and win your freedom!

@ Art Style
Unique pixel-game style artwork
Fun animation
Unique characters

@ Game Features
Hidden locations
Various mini-games
Speak with various people(?) for information and hints
Find hidden legendary items!

— Notice —
— Welcome to Underground Station–

We’ll give you the essential guidelines on being slaves.
By downloading this app, you have signed your slave contract.
Now, let us walk you through how to escape from your predicament.

@ How to Play
Mine ores diligently
Sell the stones you pick up from the mine to earn money
Use the money to pay off your debt or treat yourself to something nice and survive
Endure various mental conditionings & brainwashing sessions; continue with your slave life
Challenge yourself and go on an adventure to earn valuable treasures
Survive and win your freedom at all costs

@ Control
–Guide on How to Control from your friendly station manager—
The control is simple!
All you need is one, single finger!
If you don’t have that… a toe would do!
You can use your finger (or toe) to play.
Now you know how to play.

@ How to Make It Easier
–Regarding mental conditioning from your friendly station manager–
Here, we have mental conditionings and brainwashing sessions to help you unload your workload.
Think of it as a reward for watching and listening to something you don’t want to…
Make use of them to control your physical and mental fatigue.

–Regarding your privacy while you’re in the station–
We are not storing any of your private information here.
When saving your data, use cloud saving—
that way, your data will be safely stored.
Exercise caution when you’re going AWOL (uninstalling).

–Official Website–
Guris Website:

Underground Station Website:

Privacy Policy

Download it here

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