Zoom Player MAX 19

Creating the ultimate Media Player and Home Theater PC (HTPC) app for Windows has been my life’s mission. Zoom Player supports virtually every media and streaming format, including IPTV, and offers a fully customizable and immersive playback experience. With intuitive interfaces and hundreds of unique features, Zoom Player aims to provide an enjoyable and seamless media experience for everyone.

As an indie developer, your feedback from the previous v17.2 giveaway has been invaluable. I’m excited to share that many of your requested features are now included in this release. You’ve asked for it, and multiple playlists are here! Easily switch between massive sets of preloaded playlists. This feature is highly optimized, I benchmarked playlist switching containing over 10,000 entries in under a second on mid-range hardware.

Another standout feature in version 18 is IPTV support, making Zoom Player the most advanced IPTV player for Windows. IPTV delivers digital TV over the Internet, including live TV and video on demand (VOD) services.

Zoom Player can now integrate with libVLC, the media engine used by VLC player. This combines VLC’s reliability with Zoom Player’s powerful and versatile user interface, offering a seamless and enhanced media playback experience. Enjoy new features that were previously unique to VLC, including Screencasting to chromecast compatible devices, BluRay playback with menus (at the same reliability as VLC player. which means it works, but is far from perfect) and more.

Since Zoom Player’s user interface is skinned, it looked small on some high resolution displays. You can now adjust the skin’s resolution from 100% – 800%, ensuring Zoom Player can scale to 8K displays and beyond. In addition, the right-click menu introduces a new “Help” section, offering quick access to the keyboard shortcut list and quick-use guides for most of Zoom Player’s interfaces.

Version 19 : full announcement.

Download it here

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