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Aug 172018

Rating: 2.9/5

Ekstar Notes will be the most beautifully designed note app you’ve ever used. Capture your thoughts and inspiration today with Ekstar Notes.
• Create notes and lists, set reminders, and check off your completed tasks.
• Search notes easily.
• Choose your desired color for Material Notes
• Export your notes and import them to different devices.
– Beautiful Material Design
– Ads Free
– Searching Notes and Checklists
– Dark Mode and True Black Modes
– Backup and Restore
– Optimized for Tablets
– Adjusting Font Sizes
– Backup & Restore of Notes
– Exporting Notes as .txt
– Sharing Of Notes

Aug 162018

Rating: 4.3/5

Pro Version benefits:-

Do you have trouble sleeping after using your mobile?

Do your eyes feel strained after using your mobile?

We have the best solution for your eyes! Say goodbye to eye strain.

This strain is because of the harmful blue light emitted by the screens. Blue light from your phone screen causes digital eye strain as the the eyes are not very efficient at blocking bluelight. Eye strain damages your eyes and causes pain in the eyeballs. Your eyes are sensitive to blue light emitted by the device screen and get strained after a long usage of phone.

This bluelight from your screens keeps you awake and doesn’t let you sleep easily. Exposure to blue light before sleep disturbs your natural circadian rhythm (sleeping cycle) and causes inability to fall asleep. Use Night Light to reduce blue light from your device screen and get a better sleep. It is scientifically proven that reducing blue light improves sleep quality.

Night light is a bluelight filter that blocks the harmful bluelight from your device and relieves your eyes from eye strain and let’s you have a good night’s sleep. No more hurting to the eyeballs!

Love reading before sleep? Use Night Light’s night mode while reading before bed time for a better reading experience. Experience the magic of twilight. Twilight is the color of soft glowing light from the sky which you see during the sunset.

No need to open the app, tweak settings from anywhere without interrupting your work. Just press the adjust icon from the notification to adjust:-
● Filter color
● Filter intensity
● Screen Dimmer intensity

Must have seen the Night Shift on the iPhone? Well, now see this. Best of android, with all the features you’ll ever need. The best night mode app for Android.


● Eye protection from harmful blue light.
Night light provides protection to your eyes by softening the harmful lights of your screen creating a twilight effect. What is twilight effect? Twilight is the color of soft glowing light from the sky. This saves your eyeballs from the eye strain.

● Custom filter color selection.
Select the filter color which best suits your eyes. Custom filter options are provided with a slider to select from. Tweak the filter in the easiest way possible!

● Adjustable filter intensity.
Adjust the filter intensity which best suits your eyes. Keep in mind that higher intensities may result in higher saturation which may cause difficulty in reading texts.

● Built-in screen dimmer.
Adjust the dimmer to tweak the dimness of the device screen. Use the screen dimmer to dim the brightness of the device screen beyond default minimum brightness of the phone.

● Save battery power.
You might as well save some battery while you protect your eyes. That seems to be the best battery saver application ever!

● Very easy to use.
Night Light is the best bluelight filter that comes with a minimalistic UI which is very easy to use. Also there is a persistent notification from where you can tweak your settings without opening your app.

● Night Mode.
Using Night Light’ night mode before bedtime provides a pleasant reading experience to your eyes. Night mode saves your eyes from strain while you read or browse.

● Schedule.
There is an option for you to set a schedule for the bluelight filter to start and stop automatically. Now, you don’t have to worry about switching on the filter yourself. Let us do the job!

● Available on Chromebooks.
One of very few bluelight filters available for chromebooks. Make the best use of the best bluelight filter on all your devices!

Aug 152018

Rating: 5/5

This application has 2 purposes, it can be a temperature converter which allows you to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit as well as Fahrenheit to Celsius

And you can also use this application as a calculator which allows you to calculate before converting your units, indeed it is possible to change the units and formulas for other kind of conversion.

How to use it?

First you press one of the 2 fields and you enter the value and you will get instantly the conversion from unit a to unit b or from unit b to unit a.

The settings allows you to change the units names, the 2 formulas, the format of numbers and the decimal places.

When you want to use it as a calculator, the result of your calculation will appear on the screen of the calculator and on the unit you have chosen for doing your conversion.

What are the key features?

You will be able to use it as a temperature converter
You can edit units and formules in order to make another kind of converter
You can use it as a calculator and you can press equals button or you shake your device to get the result of your calculation