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Feb 112019

Rating: 4.5/5

★ Everyone can BE CREATIVE with AnaAlog Film Pure! You can make your photos feel like Pure.
Add remarkable MULTICOLORED artworks, palette color, stunning FONTS, amazing FILTERS, gorgeous OVERLAYS and much more to your photos.

★ Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor is the first major camera in the Analog camera series. Analog Film Pure is filled with palette pink color and sweet candy feeling. Palette Pink and sapphire bluecolor is permeated with the romantic emotional appeal. Film grain and some pink warm color gives you the feeling of Pure!

★ Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos is a best free photo editor. It contains professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers & art filters, overlay, frames, blur focusand video high-quality real-time filters

It’s simple
1) Snap your pictures with real-time filters or select picture from camera roll
2) Add our awesome sticker to your pics
3) Add text to photos for personalized
4) Save & share

PS: We guarantee you’ll be smiling after the first photos you create!

Analog Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos FEATURES

Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos provides 400+ stunning stickers overlays like emoji face, artworks, doodles and change its palette color.

Add text to photos to personalize with 100+ fonts to choose. Add text to photos function is really easy and can fully customized background and text color.

✦ 40+ Pure FILTERS
Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos has many Real-time Photo Filters for Perfect effect. Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos provide many filter types, 360,Momo, Beauty, LOMO. Enhance your pictures and make them outstanding by adding palette filters to your photos to create different moods.

Applying photo filters or Add text to photos is not enough. Personalize your photos with advanced photo editing tools like brightness, contrast…

An Overlay Tool that can be used to create neat lighting effects like lens flare, bokeh, vintage but also to furnish pictures with textures like crumpled paper

✦ Adjustment section
Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos has advanced photo editing features like brightness, contrast, clarity… that help tweak and fine-tune images to create stunning creatives tomake your pregnancy milestones pic looks more beautiful

You can decorate your image with frames. These frames are free, romantic, lovely

Add text to photos, Hand drawn, your name on pics.

Add blur effect to your photos with Analog Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos to make your pictures looks professional

With Analog Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos, you can save and set edited photo as wallpapers or background

Share your precious Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos with friends and family in seconds via social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp

【Pencil Emoji】

Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos make a beautiful photo with many cute stickers and filters.

Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos app is very easy to use

Take your photos with Analog Film Pure – Photo Editor – Add Text To Photos, edit your photo with a new stylish collection.

Analog Film Pure to edit your photos like a professional.

Feb 102019

Rating: 0/5

Have you ever experienced “I will just …” in the morning – and then it’s already lunch?

Sitting in front of a computer for a longer time can be devastating to your health. However, the solution to this problem is simple! Get away from the chair, take a break and do some exercises. It’s enough to take a break in less than a minute to get a little recovery.

With the “Take a break” app, you can set a range for your working time. When it is time for a break, you will get an alarm or a notification depending on your setting.

It’s a good app if you want to do the Pomodoro Technique.

So try Take a Break now! If you’re not satisfied with the app, you can make a refund in Google Play within 48 hours of your purchase and get your money back.

Feb 092019

Rating: 4.2/5

Control your Laserbot and work your way through the many exciting levels. Use your laser beam to activate switches or burn and explode objects, clearing a path to the end.

You’ll have a large variety of puzzles to solve along the way. Some require thinking ahead, some require precise timing, and some just need brute force! You’ll also have enemies to destroy and avoid along the way.

Use portals, balls, glass, explosives, magnets and more to defeat the enemy and escape the levels.

Laserbreak Renegades is a platform version of the classic Laserbreak Physics Puzzle.

Featuring some awesome new objects, Laserbreak Renegades is sure to keep you entertained for many hours!

• Many hours of game play
• New objects never before seen in Laserbreak
• Smooth, high energy effects
• Levels vary in difficulty as the game progresses, from beginner to seriously challenging
• Game play and sound options
• Level selection feature
• 9 language options
• Excellent brain training game
• Great logic puzzles in each level
• No advertisements or IAPs!

Physics Objects include:
Balls – Roll the balls, catapult them, drop them – they are the most useful object!
TNT – Ignite the explosives with the laser beam. Detonate it to blast other objects around, smash glass, knock over dominoes and more.
Portals – Otherwise known as wormholes, they teleport objects from one place to another. Use them wisely!
Magnets – Use magnets to control the path of the steel balls and hold steel crates in place.
Ice – Melt the ice to reveal other objects inside! Melt it with the laser beam.
Wood – Burn wood with the laser, opening up more paths for the balls to roll, or just for the laser beam to aim through.
Glass – Glass reflects the laser beam and also holds other objects. You can smash it or crush it with other objects such as balls or crates.
Reflective shapes – Turn the reflective triangle shapes to reflect the laser beam on different angles.
Blocks – Reflective blocks to bounce the laser beam off. Non reflective blocks you have to think your way around.
Launchers – Fling balls, crates and coins around!
Laser Crates – Push, drop or roll them into place.
Booby traps – Careful of the traps!
Artificial Intelligence enemies – Avoid the enemies, once they have you in sight, you will need to escape quickly!