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Jul 262016

FlowHeater is a powerful tool for connecting widely differing data sources and targets using a flexible graphically defined conversion. CSV (text) import/export becomes child’s play. Adapters are available for import/export/update of MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, OleDB and ODBC data sources as well as text formats (CSV, TXT, ASC, ASCII, Flat File…). The individual adapters can be used in any combination with one another.

Key features:

  • Intuitive graphical model controls the transformation;
  • SQL insert/update script generation;
  • If/then/else conditional branching;
  • Comprehensive filtering and consolidation functions;
  • Incorporation of .NET scripts code;
  • Supports binary data, BLOB’s…;
  • Support for the most diverse locale combinations (de-DE, en-GB, etc.);
  • Support for different encoding schemes (codepages ASCII, ANSI , Unicode, EBCDIC , etc.);
  • Batch module for scheduled and background automated execution

Please note: the program includes free upgrades till 31 July 2016.

Jul 252016

Win one of the 50 license keys for Photo Movie Theater!

Photo MovieTheater makes home movies and photos amazingly fun. With Photo MovieTheater, you can create, edit, and share your photos and home movies right on your computer. Build your movie with a few simple drag-and-drops and share your movie via the DVD, Blu-ray player, TV, e-mail, or iPhone, iPad. You can even take movies you’ve made and turn them into DVDs using third-party software. Photo MovieTheater also is a professional photo slideshow software to make HD picture slideshow with photos, videos and music to cherish your photo memories. It can create DVD slideshow with photos and video clips, make photo slideshow with transitions, background music, caption, illustration, narration, effect, etc. and create Blu-ray Movie!

Jul 252016

Bitrot Detector scans your files (all of them, or the ones you specify) and generates digital fingerprints for each one (SHA-2 hashes, specifically). It also tracks each files’ location and size. After the first scan, Bitrot Detector performs periodic scans, compares fingerprints and lets you know if any files have changed. You can then determine if there were any unwanted changes, and restore any corrupted/deleted files from your backups, while there’s still time. (Bitrot Detector is a backup scheme companion, you can use the backup software or scheme you prefer to backup and restore your files.)

It’s obvious when a hard drive has crashed or a computer been stolen that a backup needs to be restored. However, more subtle forms of data loss can often go unnoticed. By performing periodic scans with Bitrot Detector, you’ll become aware of any subtle data loss, while you can still do something about it.