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FotoJet Designer Review

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Jul 182017

This is a review of the Windows version of FotoJet Designer for PC.

There are often times when you need to create a graphic for posters, social media or a blog post, etc.

Often you may not feel like opening a complicated software program such as photoshop as it can have a steep learning curve and become very time consuming. You may also not feel like paying someone else money to design images for you.

FotoJet Designer is a fun alternative that lets you create graphics for these kinds of projects quickly and easily without having to go learn any technical skills or purchase very expensive software.

It comes with many predesigned templates that suit a variety of purposes, all categorized by themes; such as nature, travel, music, etc.
It also comes with an assortment of clip art.

You can easily import your own images and use a variety of effects on them as well as manually adjusting, brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, etc

The templates offer a great starting point if you are unsure as to what kind of design you want to achieve, as it is sometimes easier than starting from an entirely blank canvas. Plus , another bonus of starting from a template is that it will already be a suitable size for your purpose, be it a Facebook header, social media post, etc. As it comes with a selection of templates already sized appropriately according to the various social networks such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

The interface is incredibly user friendly and just about anyone with basic computer skills will have no problems working out how to use all it’s features.

It operates with a drag and drop user interface for quickly and easily positioning things how you want them, resizing, etc. You can also choose whatever kind of fonts you’d like your image to have.

So if you often find yourself having to make quick graphics with text, FotoJet Designer could be a valuable and certainly time saving way to do it!


Check it out at https://www.fotojet.com/windows/designer.html